Monday, October 20, 2014

In the book, "Real-Time Marketing and PR," there is a section about responding quickly on websites. This section of the book is vital to making it in the Internet world. There is an example provided about a young boy who dances to the Beyoncé song, "Single Ladies." His father catches it on video and posts it to YouTube. As soon as the video hits it big, the father creates a website called "Single Babies" where people can donate money to the boy's college fund.

The website took off so fast and successfully that they even sell t-shirts on it now. This is just one example of someone becoming famous because of their quick reaction to a situation that brings them a lot of attention.

When you think about Kim Kardashian, you know she did nothing to become famous, she just is. It helps that her father was a famous lawyer, but when you get down to it, Kim Kardashian has no talent that she should be famous for. Another example of this is Jenna Marbles. The girl makes a few videos with great personality and she sky rockets to fame.

This section of the book gives good lessons on how to rapidly respond when necessary. In the public relations world, it is all about timing. If you do not take advantage of good timing, you may miss out on a great opportunity.

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