Sunday, October 19, 2014

Good Old Fashioned Pumpkin Carving

Over Fall Break, I carved pumpkins with my family. This was something I was so excited to do because we hadn't done it since we were much younger. My mom was complaining that it would make a mess, my step brother was playing his video games and seemed uninterested, but my step dad jumped right up and got everything set up.

His motivation to make this happen put a big smile on my face and ended up convincing my mom and step brother that it could actually be a fun experience. My step brother came outside and quickly drew his pumpkin face with a Sharpie. He then cut it with a knife and hurried back to his video games. Normally I would have been upset but I was too preoccupied laughing at his hurried creation.

My mom is a perfectionist so of course her pumpkin was a classic, perfect pumpkin face. She drew it and my step dad cut it out for her. They make a good team. Next, it was my turn. I decided to get creative and make Marilyn Monroe's face. For some reason I was convinced this was a good idea.

I spent ten minutes drawing the face and then twenty minutes cutting it out. I knew I was kidding myself when I saw it finished and my mom laughed. Her exact words, "Aw honey, you tried so hard." That's when you know your mom is trying to make you feel better.

I honestly do not care how my pumpkin turned out because that was not what I was aiming to accomplish. I was aiming to spend time with my family doing a great American tradition. I am so thankful this happened and we got to make a family memory!

My step dad, my mom, my brother and I right
before we carved the pumpkins.
We had a beautiful scenery to look at while
we carved pumpkins.

These are the finished masterpieces.
Can you guess who's is who's?


  1. Alex, I'm jealous you got to carve pumpkins! I wanted to do this over Fall Break, but you can't exactly carve pumpkins when you're at a conference in Washington D.C. I think yours turned out pretty good! Carving pumpkins is not easy. Mine never look good. I mostly carve them to get the seeds. I love baking the seeds with salt. So delicious!

  2. Alex, I am super jealous also I haven't gotten to carve pumpkins yet and i am so angry because Halloween is so close. We carved last year and I got the biggest one I could find but it rotted out so fast it was destroyed before Halloween so I learned from last year.