Saturday, October 25, 2014

Realizing How Important "Real-Time Marketing and PR" Actually Is

"Real-Time Marketing and PR" is a book about, well, real-time, marketing and PR. Real-time is what social media has brought to us. Back in the day, when a crisis would erupt, people would wait to hear about it on the news or in the newspaper the next day. Now, because of social media, if a crisis breaks out, people know about it right away.

Not only can people know about a crisis, they can also talk about contribute to it by tweeting or using Facebook to talk about the crisis. In some situations, this could make the crisis worse.

I knew about real-time before reading this book, but I had not understood it as much as I do now. Because of real-time, PR has vastly changed. The need for public relations specialists has increased by a large amount.

Marketing demand has also gone up because there are many different channels to market through now. There are Facebook pages for businesses, pop up banners on websites, blog options and so much more. Being in the professional world as a public relations specialist or a marketer is an honors.

After reading "Real-Time Marketing and PR" I have realized just how lucky I am to be a public relations major. I am very thankful.

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