Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lauren Hill

Today, a wonderful thing happened. An Ohio college student named Lauren Hill got to play in her first-and probably only-college basketball game. Lauren was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and told she only has a short time left to live.

Instead of sulking and feeling sorry for herself, Lauren made her dream come true. She has always played basketball and recently committed to play basketball at Mount St. Joseph University. When the school found out she was running out of time, they got the first game of the season moved to a closer date.

Today, that game started with Lauren getting her first college lay-up. The crowd went wild and it was such a moving moment for everyone that was watching. Not only was this a moment Lauren will never forget, it was a moment others who were watching will never forget as well.

This very unfortunate situation has done a very big thing for the university. The amount of positive PR that Mount St. Joseph University is receiving is huge. They took this precious moment for a young girl and made if everything good that it could possibly be for her.

This moment was hers but the university benefited as well. This goes to show that PR can come in many different forms, whether you expect it or you do not.


  1. Alex,
    I enjoyed our conversation early about this in class. Lauren is such an inspiration and she's incredible to keep on living instead of acting like she is dying. I think it is really great Mount St. Joseph University worked so hard to move the game up to allow Lauren to play while she still could. It shows the integrity of the university and how the university truly values students achieving their hopes and dreams.

  2. Alex,
    I read about this and was so touched at how sports have come so far now a days. usually its more high school athletics that you see a story like this. My sophomore year in high school on Junior Varsity we were beating a team bad and they had a player with a mental disability. We called timeout and our head coach went over to their sidelines and told their coach to hand this kid the ball. Well long story short we all "acted" very well on defense to make it look real and he ran it for a touchdown. Made his day and honestly I'd do it again if we were losing. Love seeing stories like this, with the world we live in today.