Sunday, November 9, 2014

Your Website Is Crucial

In this blog, I would like to focus on how important a website can be to an organization. The website I would like to focus on is the Whole Foods website. Not only is this website aesthetically appealing, but it also provides good word choice and valuable information. I would like to focus on all of the things Whole Foods does well on their website:

  • The Whole Foods website advertises to all audiences. Their website homepage includes a section where words slide through saying things like, "Calling all challengers and cheese lovers." There are various sayings that scroll across the screen and the variety of sayings helps them advertise to all audiences. Most people can relate to at least one of the call outs. 
  • The Whole Foods website refers to its customers as stakeholders. By referring to their customers as stakeholders, Whole Foods shows how important the think their customers are. In one section of their website, Whole Foods states, "They are our most important stakeholders in our business and the lifeblood of our business."
  • The Whole Foods website focuses on education. Whole Foods focuses on educating their customers how to use their products to benefit their life. The company also educates audiences by letting them know how organic products can improve their life. This will bring in new customers who previously did not understand why organic foods and other products are an important investment.
  • The Whole Foods website is aesthetically appealing. The Whole Foods website involves creativity with pictures, placement and words. There are many pictures of healthy but normal looking people. Some of the pictures are also of families or people holding animals. This helps loyal or prospective customers relate to the company and their products. The word choice helps people feel important and understand why Whole Foods is doing what they are doing.
Overall, this website provides many valuable aspects of information. The website proves to everyone that Whole Foods promotes family, good health and strong values. There are many organizations with strong values and impressive results but their representation is poor because they do not have a good website that shows all of the amazing things they accomplish.

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  1. Alex,
    I am a little late on commenting on this, but this was a great read! Especially since I am so familiar with Whole Foods and the cases behind Whole Foods.
    In one of my personal case studies, I referenced Whole Foods in a negative manner. I allowed the information I found on Whole Foods to taint my view on the entire brand. After further investigation and everything you stated, it shows Whole Foods is a great and smart company. Whole Foods is doing so much good, which makes everything negative about them seem very minor. I think it is great you did a small-scale content analysis on the Whole Foods website! What a great resource to show others the true value and importance of a good website.