Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Three Key Points

In one of the college courses I am taking, we are reading the book "Measure What Matters," by Katie Delahaye Paine. The first section of this book explains why it is so important to measure social media for an organization. There are three major points that I feel are important to take away from this section.

One of these important points is that it is more important to have the right data than to have more data than someone else. If an organization has a pile of data but they do not understand what it is saying or they have too much to contain, it is worth nothing to them. If they have a smaller amount of data they can explain to someone or they know very well, it is going to help everyone in the long run.

Another important point is that measuring is not just about counting. Measuring is about counting and analyzing so the organization can be improved. If an organization is just counting numbers and not doing anything with them, they are wasting time and valuable information.

Finally, organizations should not be focused on how many customers they have, they should be more focused on the number of relationships they have. There is a huge difference between the two. An organization could have hundreds of customers but if they do not build and maintain relationships with those customers, they will not continue to have the support they need to be successful.

Measuring can help with these relationships. If an organization measures what their customers are talking about on social media, what advertisements they are clicking on different websites, etc., they will know what their customers want and focusing on what they customers want will build a stronger relationship with them.

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