Saturday, November 15, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Angola is the place I call home. It is a small Indiana town where everybody knows everybody and everybody is a somebody. Growing up, I have learned to appreciate this little town much more than I did when I was living here full time. I am home for the weekend and as I drove into town yesterday, it just felt right. The familiarity is something I enjoy very much.

I pulled up into my driveway yesterday and my dad and dog greeted me like they always do. My dog always runs back and forth down our hallway and my dad gives me a big bear hug. Aside from all of the things that were the same this weekend, there were also things that were different.

My dad got a brand new truck! This truck is huge and I struggle getting up into the front seat. I love it though. I feel much safer in this truck than in any little car. Last night we drove to my high school to watch the girls’ basketball team play a game. On the way, we saw three bad accidents. One of the accidents involved an SUV that ended up upside down. This was a big eye opener. It goes to show, no one is invincible.
My dad in his brand new truck
Today has been a wonderful adventure. I completed my summer internship at the hospital in my hometown and while I was there we were preparing for the grand opening of the brand new hospital.  They had raised enough money to do a much-needed update to the hospital.

Today was the grand opening everyone worked so hard to make happen. My dad and I walked to the hospital and got a tour of it after watching the ribbon cutting. It was a wonderful experience. It felt great knowing I had a small part in making the whole event happen.
The ribbon cutting at the new hospital
Later today we are going to a Trine University football game. These football games are amazing because of the amount of team spirit everyone brings with them. It is a very uplifting atmosphere. Everyone has so much spirit that you cannot help but be proud of the little school, even if they end up losing the game.
The Trine football field at one of the games with the marching band waiting for the players to run out

It is only Saturday and this weekend has already been very interesting. Tomorrow I am going to a close friend’s baby shower. I cannot wait to celebrate her next stage in life. This is a very good weekend and I am happy to be home.

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