Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monitor Your Social Media!

Chapter 6 in Measure What Matters by Katie Delahaye Paine focuses on how important it is to monitor social media channels. Monitoring social media channels can help an organizations know what people are saying about their brand, their services and their products. When reading this information, the first thing that came to mind is crisis events.

In the event of a crisis, it is crucial to check social media. Recently, Trine University experienced a false alarm crisis. The situation was almost humorous but the school is getting kudos for handling things so well.

A professor found a suspicious package in one of the education buildings and called in someone who would know what to do in this situation. This person decided they should take cautionary actions while dealing with this package. They called in an explosive ordinance technician to check for explosives. The technician brought a dog in a the dog assured everyone the package was not explosive.

The package was then safely opened and the contents were not something that needed more attention. This situation was handled very well. Trine staff briefed the university's spokesperson and got her ready to speak with media. They then evacuated the building. The staff continued to take all of the right safety measures this situation called for.

The most important step Trine University took in this process was checking what was being said on social media. By doing so, they knew what was being said, who to watch and what to announce in case rumors were being spread. This is just one example of how monitoring social media can help an organization.

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