Monday, September 29, 2014

Social Media on the Rise

As the times are changing, so are the expectations of employees. Part seven in Share This discusses the importance of internal communications. It specifies that the way you speak to your employees and customers is more important than the focus of technology itself.

As technology has gotten quicker and more innovative over the recent years, people expect quicker responses. It is crucial in a business to make employees feel important because the work that gets done, more than likely gets done because of their hard work. Social media is changing how internal communication and employee interactions work.

There are plenty of examples of how this is happening. When people look to go to a new restaurant or see a new movie, they often turn to the internet for other opinions on these decisions before making their own. There are websites specifically made for this purpose such as Flixster.

Flixster is a website and an app where people can rate movies that they have seen in the theatre and then others can see the ratings and it helps them decide which movie they would like to see. There are apps and websites just like Flixster but they are for rating restaurants instead of movies.

This is a quick service for customers to share their opinions. Social media is also changing the way things are done in the work place. Now, instead of waiting on a monthly newsletter to come in the mail from work, workers can now get on a website and see the newsletter. It creates easier access for the writers and for the employees.

There are also so many different social channels that provide a new way for employees to mingle. This opens up new channels for feedback and new ways for supervisors to make their employees happy.

Social media has a crucial spot in today's society. It can affect the way people communicate in the workplace and the way people communicate about a business. Everyone should be more conscious of this rise in social media because it can build or break a business.

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