Thursday, September 11, 2014

If I Was Justin Bieber's PR Person

As we all probably know, Justin Bieber has gotten into some major trouble in the recent years. He has been guilty of egging a house, he was caught on video doing drugs and most recently, he was in an accident that involved him and Selena Gomez on an all terrain vehicle colliding into a mini van. As if the accident was not bad enough, Bieber also got arrested for assault when he and the driver of the mini van got into a tussle.

Now, I should warn you in advance that this may be a very biased post because I lost all respect for Justin Bieber when he almost got punched by Orlando Bloom, but I will try my best not to let my opinions shine through.

If I was Justin Bieber's public relation's person, I would be having a hay day. Not only would I be learning how to handle many different crisis situations, but I would also be making plenty of money digging Bieber out of the holes he digs.

Bieber has all of the assets to hire the best public relations specialists in the business to clean up his messes. This would help him if he didn't repeatedly cause crisis situations. Take his smoking incident for example. There were young girls threatening to cut themselves if he had actually been smoking marijuana. The hashtag "cut4justin" was eventually trending.

His PR people had him publicly apologize for getting caught smoking marijuana. This would have been a great decision if anyone believed it. Honesty is key in the public relations field.

If I was Bieber's PR person during this crisis, I would have requested he do the same thing but instead of apologizing for being caught, he should explain that he had made a mistake and that he would not be doing drugs anymore, but only if he actually planned to stop. He should admit and seek professional help and make it known to the public that he is doing so. This crisis may have blown over but people have not forgotten about how it all happened.

Bieber also has his moments where he acts out on social media without consulting his PR people first. If I was Bieber's PR person, I would handle his social media for him until it got pushed into a more positive light. He and I would work out professional, honest and positive statements to send out instead of posting on impulse like he has gotten in trouble for in the past.

If I was Justin Bieber's PR person, I would be very stressed and busy, but I imagine I would be very rich too.


  1. Alex,

    This post is hilarious. I have often thought how horrible it would be to represent Justin as his PR person. It seems to me that his current team does not know what to do in order to change the publics perspective on him. I liked how you came up with a plan of attack on how to do this for him. Even though it would be challenging, I think you could handle being Justin's PR person and I think you would be doing a much better job then his current PR team.

  2. This is gold Alex, I hate seeing him in the news. Why should we care about him he hates America and he lets us know about it all the time in yet we still buy his merchandise and make him a huge star. It's almost like he doesn't have a PR person. Besides he would need a whole team because he clearly needs more than one voice telling him what not to do. I think you would be great at it but I would hate it other than the boat load of money you would be making for saving his image.

  3. What he really needs is a team of people that can throw him back across the border into Canada. This dude drives me crazy... Anyway, I like the strategies you mention. It sometimes seems as if the dude doesn't even have a PR team, or he's too "doped up" to listen to them and he simply does what he wants... Because he's a brat.

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