Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My First SPC Event

Event planning is an aspect of public relations that people do not always consider. This year I have taken on the roll of an event coordinator for the ONU Student Planning Committee (SPC). On September 16, I hosted my first event.

This event was Hawaiian themed mini golf. It required time, money and a lot of planning. Luckily I have very willing and helpful group members who take time out of their schedules to help me plan our assigned events.

For this particular event I had to first make sure the mini golf course was ordered from Ultrasound. The SPC adviser ordered this for us because he is the one with all of the money. After the course was ordered we had to plan how we would advertise the event.

We had primary advertising such as a Mac board that we painted and hung up in the McIntosh Center. We also had a Facebook event page that the public relations person for SPC created. Our secondary advertisement was where we had to do some extra thinking. I really wanted to pass out leis because of the Hawaiian theme but I could not find any cheap enough.

After doing my research and failing to find any cheap leis, I spoke with the SPC president. She had the idea to hand out Hawaiian Punch juice boxes. I loved this idea so that's just what I did. I stuck a label on each box that explained details of the event. The day before the event, we went around campus and passed out 100 juice boxes to students.

After figuring out the secondary advertisement, it was time to shop for decorations, food and raffle prizes. I wanted to stick with the Hawaiian theme as much as we could. After a long trip to Wal-mart, we had everything we needed. We got fun raffle prizes such as vacation movies, a back pack cooler, a red lobster gift card and much more.

For decoration, we had some left over items from past years. We had three blow up palm trees, fish net and grass table skirts. We provided fruit and Hawaiian Punch for snacks.

We had a bubble machine and a photo booth set up along the course.

I would have to say this event was  a complete success. It was the first time this event was brought onto campus and I am very excited that my group and I were the ones who made it possible. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.

The ONU Student Planning Committee has given me numerous event planning opportunities. I am beyond excited to hold a leadership position on the committee this year.

"Let the good times roll." - The Cars


  1. Alex,
    I know how nervous you were in the days leading up to this event because you were afraid no one would attend. I was at the event, and I was very impressed. Not knowing how you would bring mini golf to Affinity, I expected something very simple and ordinary. However, you and your team from SPC went above and beyond my expectations. The Hawaiian theme was incorporated into all aspects of the event in clever ways given the limited space and budget. The event seemed to run smoothly and everyone seemed to be having a great time. All your hard work could be seen in the execution of the event, and you should be proud of what you did! Great Job!

  2. Alex,
    I am so proud of you for this event! You put all of your resources to great use and created an atmosphere for the event. You also stimulated each of the senses as we had talked about in meetings, which makes me happy. You have found the importance of getting the word out for the events and using your PR skills to aid you in doing so. I think it makes a great difference on the outcome of your events. I am excited to see the outcome of Country Night this Wednesday. Great job!