Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Unwelcome Guest

My bedroom has always been my place to escape to when I am having a rough day or I just need to relax. A few nights ago, that feeling about my bedroom changed. An unwelcome guest made itself at home in my bedroom.

I was fast asleep when all of a sudden I was startled awake by a strange noise. When I opened my eyes, I saw a bat flying overhead. It was flying laps around my bedroom ceiling.

Luckily, my boyfriend, Jeremy, had resided himself in my room that night so I did not have to be the hero. He quickly got out of bed and turned the light on. I made myself safe and comfortable completely immersed in my blankets. I could hear my Jeremy swatting and struggling as I am yelling, "What are you doing!"

I hear a big loud swat and I look up. I do not see the bat anymore. I ask what had happened and Jeremy told me that he had used one of my pillows to hit the bat and it landed behind my futon. He jerked back the futon and the bat came flying out from behind it. It was flying right toward me. I quickly found myself back under my covers.

The struggle between Jeremy and this bat continued on for a little while longer until I heard one loud bang. I looked up and Jeremy was holding a box closed and away from his body. I got the door for him, we ran downstairs and he chucks the box outside.

When I asked him how he got the bat into the box he replied, "Sheer luck." The bat had landed on my dresser and Jeremy whacked it with the pillow as hard as he could. The bat bounced up and landed into the box that I had just emptied and set beside my dresser that day.

I could not believe the story. I was very thankful for the way that things were handled. I am also very thankful that the exterminators will be visiting next week.


  1. Sorry to hear about this and sorry to say this is kind of funny. But nature is funny sometimes the way we cross paths with it now is scary. Like you said though your room is a safe place for you, my place to escape was sports. Now that I don't play sports I no longer have my escape. But since then I have found a new escape, video games. They are so relaxing for me I have no idea why I can just get lost in them and feel so much more relaxed. Anyways, sorry to hear about your bat attack those things can be scary maybe you'll become bat women now.

  2. Living off campus is very different than on campus I must say. I heard a few weird noises going on upstairs in my attic and I had no clue what it was. The though of it being bats or some other critter just freaks me out and gives me the hebbie-gebbies. Yikes!!!!!!! I couldn't imagine having a bat fly around my room and I am at the mercy of the blood sucker trying to turn me into one i=of them. Luckily you had your boyfriend to come to the rescue. I could picture something happening with Diamond and myself and both of us just yelling at each other to do something. Both of us are big babies.

  3. I'm sure it may have been terrifying at the time, but I must admit that I was laughing when I read this story, as it reminded me of something that happened to me when i was at home two summers ago. A chipmunk ran inside out house into the room that opens into the garage. It took us forever to get that thing out of there. It was hiding behind a television stand. Finally I hit the thing with a broom and it ran back out the door and my sister slammed the door shut. In your situation, at least nothing bad happened, and hopefully you can laugh at this in the near future.