Friday, December 5, 2014

Is Branding for Higher Education Necessary

Ohio Northern University (ONU) is currently going through a rebranding process. Because I work in the communication and marketing department at ONU, I have seen most rebranding materials first hand. I have also been working on an assignment that requires me to study if the rebranding process is necessary in higher education.

There are many aspects that make up an organization's brand. There is content such as the logo, the website and print material. The location of the organization is also part of its brand. The way people talk about an organization constructs the brand.

The purpose for higher education rebranding is the increased competition among institutions. Increased tuition and competition for students has caused universities to have a need for their own identity. The rebranding process will help them achieve this identity. Rebranding will help universities stand out in a crowd therefor increasing student admission rates.

During a rebranding process, many people share their opinion; some opinions are negative, some are positive. It is impossible for an organization to please everyone with their brand.

Overall, through my research and my internship with ONU, I have found rebranding to be extremely necessary. Rebranding can help an organization more than it can hurt one; as long as it is done correctly.

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  1. Alex, I think the rebranding looks amazing! I am really excited to see the rollout, and I will probably be coming back as an alumna to buy a new car decal. I am glad Ohio Northern has finally decided to change its design and make the school more attractive for students. I have high hopes for the change it will bring to the University.